Pros and cons of booking two elite escorts at the same time


Once you’re done balking at the tile, yes, cons to hiring two elite escorts at the same time do exist. Can’t think of any of them? Well, this is why I’m here. Anyway, recently I’ve noticed a few of my esteemed peers writing about how much they’ve enjoyed their experiences with two escorts at the same time. Now let me tell you exactly what you should expect.

Pros of booking two elite escorts at once


As you’ve probably already read in the stories written elsewhere on this site, booking two elite escorts at once can make many of your fantasies come to life. You’ll get to spend time with two very beautiful women who are very open minded and don’t mind experimenting. And if you do manage to make some of those dreams come true, there won’t be any issues afterwards. The girls are usually great professionals and they never get jealous if you favour one over another. Additionally, you’ll get the attention of TWO great ladies instead of one. This means that you’ll be twice as pampered and they’ll both focus on making YOU feel as good as possible. And this is basically it. Now let’s talk about the negatives.


Cons of spending time with two elite escorts at once


Have you seen the rates that some high class escorts charge these days? To hire the services of just one, you’ll probably have to spend hundreds of pounds per hour. Now double that price and see if you can afford it. Of course, things may vary with pricing. Some top class escorts charge a premium if the booking involves another model, meaning that for both at the same time, you might have to pay more than for the two of them separately. Alternatively, some offer special prices and you might have to pay a bit less.

The other con I’d like to talk about is the rapid depletion of your stamina. If you do manage to become intimate with both of them at the same time, do you have what it takes to go the distance? The focus will be more on you than on them, and that’s a good thing, but you need to make sure that you’ll last enough to be fully satisfied.

So these are the pros and cons of booking two elite escorts at the same time. Go ahead and make your own decisions!

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